How can I choose my practice area?

The selection of specialties is a key step in configuring your profile. You will need to select them in your Management Panel. PAY ATTENTION, because if you don't have any practice area, you won't appear in user searches.

How to select a practice area?

  • To select a practice area, you need to go to the "Pay per contact" section within "contact Generation".
  • Click on Add practice area.

How to select a sub- practice areas?

  • You can select or deselect sub-practice areas and choose only the ones you want. You can do this in the second tab that will open once you have selected the specialty.
  • Important: If you don't want to receive clients from all the subspecialties included in a specialty, you also have to uncheck the main specialty to avoid receiving generic clients from that same specialty. Here are the steps:

How to choose practice areas wisely?

  • We recommend only selecting the practice area or subspecialties that really interest you. It's better to mark a few specialties or subspecialties that truly interest you.
  • Keep in mind that if you mark a practice area or sub-practice area that you don't know much about, other lawyers will be able to advise the contact better and it will be easier for them to sell their services.
  • We do not recommend having more than 3 practice area. Lawyers who have 2 or 3 achieve greater profitability
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