How can I improve my profile on ElAbogado?

If you want to improve your profile on elAbogado, it's important to have a well-completed profile. A complete profile can contact to more business opportunities, as contact are more likely to contact lawyers who have provided more information about their experience and law firm.

Here are some recommendations for completing your profile and getting more visibility

  • Make sure your email, phone, and law firm address are updated and correct.
  • Have a photo or image in your profile.
  • Write a good explanation of your services and experience in the 'Description' section.
  • Add the legal specialties in which you offer services. For more information on this topic, you can read this article dedicated to selecting specialties.
  • Specify the languages in which you can communicate with your clients.
  • Publish interesting articles in the "Publications" section. This section can serve as a blog for your law firm, and it can give your profile extra visibility on the main page of your specialty and location. Learn more about the "Publications" feature.
  • If you have activated payment for contact, you can add the URL of your law firm's website. Here's how to activate payment for contact on elAbogado.
  • Request reviews from clients and colleagues, which will also appear on Google when users search for you.

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